About Agavi

AGAVI – Associação Portuguesa para a Promoção da Gastronomia e Vinho, Produtos Regionais e Biodiversidade – has as its mission to contribute to increased dynamics in the agri-food sector. Founded in 2010 as a non-profit trade association, it has since cemented its position and fulfilled its goals through its various activities in Portugal and abroad. 

This Association aims to be an interactive meeting point between the different
partners and economic agents operating in an area of activity that provides cultural, social and economic impacts of particular significance in the sector.

The founding members of AGAVI are AEP – Associação Empresarial de Portugal, a
AEVP – Associação de Empresas do Vinho do Porto, a ANJE – Associação Nacional de Jovens Empresários, a Associação de Cozinheiros Profissionais de Portugal e a Federação das Confrarias Gastronómicas. 

AGAVI winner of the Agriculture Award